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10 Steps We Take to Sell Your Home

  1. List Within 3 Days Or We Sell It For Free
    • When you decide it is time to sell, taking up to 2 weeks to list your home for sale could cost you the buyer that was going to pay you top dollar for your house. Don’t let a realtor play around with your investment by making you conform to their schedule. Hire a team of 3 professionals who can get more done, much faster than one agent. We guarantee we can have your home on the market within 3 days from the time the listing agreement is signed, or we will sell it for free.
  2. We Pay For High Quality Professional Photos
    • The first place 99% of prospective buyers view your home is online. To put your best foot forward in the marketplace, you need to maximize the first impression. The photos you use to represent your home determine how buyers will perceive your home at first glance. Are they dark and ugly cell phone photos that are taken at odd angles? Or are they clean, bright, professional photos shot with high-quality equipment? The difference between these two perceptions means dollars in your pocket. We always hire professional photographers in order to give our clients the best presentation possible in the marketplace.
  3. Write A Thoughtful Listing Description
    • In the online description of the home, there is an opportunity to display the home to buyers and point out things they probably failed to notice at first glance. Things like crown molding, updated water heaters, and proximity to amenities in the area can all be pointed out in this section of the online listing, in order to give a buyer a more complete picture of why your home is so desirable. We take the time to carefully point these things out in order to give buyers a long list of reasons why your home should be at the top of their list.
  4. Meticulously Highlight Features
    • One aspect of listing a home that is often overlooked, is taking the time to make sure the particular features your home has are included in the MLS listing box. By doing so, your home will assuredly be considered by a larger number of potential buyers. Have you ever searched on a website for a home with a storm shelter in Moore? A large number of buyers do. However, if you live in Moore and your home has a storm shelter, if the MLS listing box for “storm shelter” is not checked then those buyers searching for a home in Moore with a storm shelter will very likely fail to notice yours, even if the photos show the storm shelter and the description includes a mention of the storm shelter. When they run their search, your home will be excluded from their options and you will be stuck wondering why your home isn’t selling. We give careful attention to detail to make sure your home is listed in such a way that it will be discovered by the largest number of interested buyers possible.
  5. Make Facebook Posts
    • Marketing your home successfully has so much to do with getting people’s eyes and attention on your property, maximizing interest. Unfortunately, many agents stop working to generate attention once they’ve simply put it in the MLS. Our team generates over 1300 new leads a month on Facebook by employing a unique strategy that utilizes Facebook groups in local areas. We focus on getting leads for our own listings in these ads so that we generate a large list of people who are interested in your property in order to contact them directly.
  6. Run Open Houses
    • Open houses are a great opportunity to get a large number of potential buyers through a sellers home, at a time that is scheduled beforehand, and is most convenient for the seller. Our “First Look Open House” strategy begins by listing a home for sale in the MLS by Wednesday of the week we are scheduled to do an open house. We then hold all showings until that designated open house time on the upcoming weekend. This is not only extremely convenient for sellers and their schedules, but it creates a sense of urgency among all interested buyers and agents who stop by or check out the listing online. By promoting the open house in dozens of Facebook groups, and placing 40 directional open house signs around the area, a large amount of attention is given to the home. We also make sure to receive contact information for anyone who visits the home during the open house in order to follow up with them, and try to sell them on the home.
  7. Work All Potential Buyers
    • Working buyers takes getting on the phones (and I mean every single day), helping sellers and buyers get the information they need to purchase or sell a home confidently, running open houses that generate massive amounts of traffic through the home in a short period of time, creating Facebook posts that increase interest in a home listed for sale, calling, texting and video texting all people who walk through the doors of your home, knocking on doors of people who have had difficulty selling their home previously, and working buyers in whatever capacity we find them in, in order to get them in a place where they can purchase your home. We work buyers like crazy, and that means we are often able to bring offers on our own listings.
  8. Create 3X The Potential Buyers
    • Maven Real Estate consists of 3 agents who daily contact hundreds of potential buyers around the OKC Metro. For you to get top dollar out of your home in a timely manner, you need agents who will make phone calls to and follow up with potential buyers in order to get your home sold. Way too many agents are dependent on the MLS and simply putting a sign in the yard, thinking that a home will simply sell itself. With Maven, not only do you have 1 agent searching the area for a potential buyer, you have 3 professionals searching the area, getting on the phones, following up with people who could become the buyer of your home.
  9. Provide Impactful Feedback & Communication
    • Most sellers appreciate valuable feedback from people who have seen the home. We assure you that we will receive feedback, because we follow up with agents who show the home and request the feedback until it is received. It is important to note that not all feedback is interpreted the same way. Many agents often interpret any feedback as “well, I guess it wasn’t the right property for them,” when in reality a potential buyer has an obstacle that may be overcome instead of ignored. Not only does a seller need feedback that is helpful to getting the house sold, but they also don’t need to have any concerns about the availability of their real estate agent. If someone wants to look at your home, as long as it fits within your schedule, by having a team of 3 agents, we guarantee we can have someone there to open it up for them. We also have a phone number that is linked to all of us, to ensure that someone will answer when called. (405-835-3434)
  10. Overcome Objections & Solve Problems
    • So many potential buyers fall through the cracks simply due to a lack of resourcefulness and ingenuity by the real estate agents involved in a transaction. Perhaps there is a financing problem that their lender can’t resolve. Maybe they just really don’t like the color of one of the walls in your home. Or they may even just need an extended closing date until their rental period is up. We follow up with all of the interested leads on your property in order to understand their objections to purchasing, to help them resolve these problems as much as possible, so they feel comfortable submitting an offer on your home. Often we find that the buyer for your home is someone who is already interested, and they just need a little help making it work.



Aaron Hoffman is awesome! We had just started looking for a new home and through a chance encounter we met Aaron. He listened to what we wanted and found the perfect house for us within 24 hours. He was so easy to work with. He was always there to answer whatever questions we had regardless of how simple or silly or complicated they were. Aaron has great communication skills and was always in contact during the house buying process. Even for the smallest thing he kept us up to date in wh…
Vanette R. of Edmond

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