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Sandy Greene

O: 405-835-3434 M: 405-323-8909

Sandy Greene is a native Oklahoman who was born property of the Department of Defense, and she grew up roaming these United States from Air Force Base to Air Force Base. She has degrees in music performance from The University of North Texas, Southeastern Louisiana University and The University of Oklahoma, with an emphasis on opera performance. In addition to a lack-luster, but highly personally fulfilling performance career, she has been an active music educator at the collegiate level and maintains a studio of private voice and piano students.

Get a cat, they said. You won’t even notice she’s there.

She has three amazing boys: Edan, who speaks for the reptiles and amphibians because the small and defenseless things of this world need the most champions; Duncan, her mini me, with wit and flare for the dramatic; and Cael, who is the wise and silent, and reminiscent of the Skin Horse from the Velveteen Rabbit.

Neville and Millie.

She has OCD-Obsessive Corgi Disorder, which is frequently reflected in her choice of socks.

“The house buying experience can be intimidating, and it is a serious financial decision. But keeping a sense of humor and a positive outlook helps in all life situations. My ability to find humor in almost anything helps my clients to relax. Performing is a high stress environment, and years of being on stage have helped me develop a variety of methods to help maneuver through decisions when the pressure is on. I am happy to be able to walk with my clients through many of these difficult processes, to support and encourage them. “

If you want to have a completely unexpected, totally unique house buying experience complete with movie and musical reference, and occasionally choreographed with an accompanying sound track, contact Sandy Greene at 405-323-8909 or Just because it’s serious doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

Edan, lover of turtles

This is not an uncommon sight around here.

Cael’s has several super hero alter egos.

We all wish we were as cool as Neville

Duncan in one of his first theatrical roles, Prince Charming.

He was irresistible to princesses, as you can see.

Duncan being less dramatic, but staring right into your soul.


Could not have had a better experience! I was super picky about what I was looking for! Not to mention, I was shopping for a home for both my mother and myself to live in together. The problem was, I was the one choosing the property without my mom ever seeing it because she was still living in CA…and she was paying for it…CASH! Talk about pressure!!! The point is, Aaron met with me on several occasions and showed me many properties and listened to me find fault about how small the bedrooms were…
Jena B. of Oklahoma City