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3 Ways to Guarantee Your Home Sells

Today we’re going to discuss three ways to guarantee that your home sells quickly, and for top dollar when you list it on the market. In real estate, there’s an old adage that talks about “the Three P’s.” Those Three P’s are putting a sign in the yard, putting the house on the MLS, and praying that a buyer comes along to purchase it.

At Maven Real Estate, we find it important to take much more responsibility for the houses we sell. We’ve come up with our own “Three P’s” to show you how we get the job done:

               1. Professional real estate photography. We live in a digital age. Buyers and sellers are spending far more time on their devices. When they are out there looking at homes, they are going to see hundreds before they ever walk into one. Serious buyers will pick out five to 10 houses to look at in person, and they’ll make an offer on one of them. If your photos aren’t high quality, you won’t even get a showing, let alone an offer.

               2. Presentation. There are two kinds of presentation to keep in mind with your house. First is its physical presentation. What is a buyer going to experience when they walk in the door? Eliminating bright colors, bad odors, and clutter are all essential. We want to make sure we give the buyers our best presentation possible when they walk in the door. The second type of presentation is your digital presentation. If the information about your home online isn’t accurate, buyers that are interested in your type of home will simply miss it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen homes sit on the market far too long because the listing agent didn’t list the information accurately.

               3. Price. Pricing a home isn’t rocket science. By looking at historical data in your neighborhood for homes that are the same age, size, and condition of yours, we can determine what it should sell for. How do you make sure you’re not leaving money on the table? Retrieve and focus on accurate data for comparable homes in your area. The fact of the matter is that you’re not going to fool the market and sell for $10,000 above the next highest sale price. You need to price your home fairly.

The fact of the matter is that you’re not going to fool the market and sell your home for $10,000 above what comparable homes are selling for near you. Don’t price your home based upon simply what you perceive to be valuable about your home. Instead, price your home based upon similar properties in your area.

If you’re curious about what the market has to say about your home, click here to get an estimate of what it is worth.

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These guys are awesome! Josh was beyond helpful, did several open houses on their dime and got my house sold in 2 WEEKS!! After another well known realtor failed after MONTHS! The process was easy and he helped me find another home immediately. Professional and incredibly hard working. Only realty group I’ll ever use and recommend to anyone looking!
Shelby K. of Norman