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The Maven Show Ep. 10

Christmas Surprises, Maven Rules, and What All Oklahoma Homeowners Ought to Know Now

“Wassail! Wassail!”

On this episode of The Maven Show, we (Aaron, Josh and Jeremy) journey through memories of yuletides past, including re-giftings from family members, N64 Rumble Packs, Stretch Armstrong, and a pair of bloody slippers from the Salvation Army.

Stick around as we explain why our off-the-wall music video actually aligns perfectly with our core values, which we call “The Maven Rules.”

And learn a thing or two about this insane market from the past two years, especially who should AVOID buying a house right now, along with who had BETTER NOT MISS their market opportunity!

Watch the full episode now, and let our Christmas cheer make your days merry and bright!—



3 Steps to Determine if Buying or Selling Makes Sense for You

Still not clear on what’s going on with this crazy market? Download our most recent Maven Market Guide with ALL the information you ought to know right now about Central Oklahoma Real Estate!

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We were probably Aaron’s most difficult clients. (Okay, okay it was me. I was the pain). I was very afraid of moving. Aaron (and the team) made a scary process easy. I always knew what to expect and any anticipated issues. I always felt like they had our best interests in mind. We have been in our new house almost a year and couldn’t be happier.
Angel T. of Oklahoma City