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Maven Real Estate

Maven [ˈmā•vǝn]: A communicator of knowledge


Knowledge is power. People often hesitate to act because they are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown or simply do not know where to begin. Would you like confidence in the homebuying process? Check out our Advice For Homebuying in order to gain a good understanding of the process from start to finish. Would you like assurance that you are picking the right agent to sell your home? Many agents can try to convince you they have what it takes to sell your home responsibly, but very few of them could adequately answer the questions we provide in our Listing Agent Guide. At Maven, we work to eliminate confusion and instead provide the clarity necessary to have confidence about the home buying or selling process. We empower you through knowledge.


Communication is key. Way too many agents are quick to express themselves, and fail to listen. Clients oftentimes feel their time is wasted, and they have a buying or selling experience full of regret. Clear communication and being asked the right questions will help bring understanding to your situation and clarify the direction you should go to find a solution. Are you a first time homebuyer? How big of a yard do you want? Are you willing to take on a few projects, or do you want a home that is move-in-ready? Is your home ready to put on the market in it’s current condition, or do you need to do some repairs? Being asked these types of questions and finding answers to them is key to healthy communication, resulting in a buying and selling process you won’t regret. So whether you’re ready now, a year from now, or maybe you don’t know if you’re ready, we would love to buy you a cup of coffee at your earliest convenience and gain a proper understanding of exactly how to serve you. You deserve to be listened to, and through this communication we gain understanding.

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