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    Prices are Dropping!!!

    By Josh Malone | July 28, 2022

    Prices are Dropping!!! It’s here. It’s time. Brace yourself and be ready. Builder sentiment. Mortgage applications. Price drops. Interest rates. Median Sale Prices. What do these all have in common? They are signs of the doomsday that has come. Market slowdown. Summer of Hell. Most significant contraction since 2006. Recession. Financial reset. Are you frustrated... Read More

    The Oklahoma Housing Market DISASTER!!!

    By Josh Malone | June 30, 2022

    The Only Question is “When?” “Has Oklahoma reached another 2008 Market Crash?” This is the question burning in most people’s minds when I speak to them about buying or selling homes right now. But what really even happened in Oklahoma in 2008? And what should we expect to come next? Is your head still spinning... Read More

    Dave Ramsey Said What About the Housing Market Crash???

    By Josh Malone | June 15, 2022

    Dave Ramsey Said What About the Housing Market Crash??? What Could He Possibly Mean? Read More

    What’s the Secret to a Successful Real Estate Transaction? Be Honest

    By Josh Malone | June 27, 2018

    “Secrets, secrets, are no fun. Secrets, secrets, hurt someone.” We’ve all heard the childhood rhyme, but today I’d like to highlight how it applies to real estate. It’s true that secrets can be hurtful, and secrets in a real estate transaction are no exception. Imagine the following scenario: A couple has begun their home search... Read More

    Trouble Finding Your Dream Home? Reverse the Search!

    By Josh Malone | June 8, 2018

    Who among us couldn’t use a little bit of hope in our lives, especially those of us who have been searching for that perfect house for so long? Today I want to talk about a concept called “Reverse the Search,” which is for people who have been searching for a property for a while with... Read More

    3 Ways to Guarantee Your Home Sells

    By Admin | March 22, 2018

     Today we’re going to discuss three ways to guarantee that your home sells quickly, and for top dollar when you list it on the market. In real estate, there’s an old adage that talks about “the Three P’s.” Those Three P’s are putting a sign in the yard, putting the house on the MLS,... Read More

    The Top 3 Things Every Buyer Wants To Know About $$$

    By Josh Malone | February 23, 2018

       Today, I will be sharing the top three subjects buyers want to know regarding money in the real estate process. 1. Monthly payment. The first number a buyer wants to know before they make a home purchase is their monthly payment. How much will your monthly payment be? Mortgage payments must be paid... Read More

    6 Keys to Avoid a Disastrous Home Buying Experience

    By Aaron Hoffman | February 9, 2018

     The home buying process should be an exciting experience. However, this isn’t always the case. Most people have either been through or know someone who has been through a home buying experience that went wrong. That’s why today I’ll be sharing the six keys to avoiding a disastrous home buying experience.      1.... Read More

    5 Tips for a Stress Free Home Buying Experience

    By Maven Team | January 19, 2018

     Buying a home can send you on a rollercoaster of emotions, but it doesn’t have to be a negative process. Today, we have five tips for a stress-free home buying experience. First, don’t cycle through agents. In the state of Oklahoma, buyers don’t pay their agent. Not only that, but every agent has access... Read More


I first met Josh about 2 years ago. We instantly clicked and about a month or so later my wife and I were moved in to a nice home. Never at any point did we feel rushed. Josh was super easy to work with and cares about his job. It’s not often you meet someone that is genuine. I appreciate that Josh was very patient with us. We mostly worked with Josh, but I’m sure all the other guys with Maven are just as great. Not only did we find a great home, we made a good friend. If you’re looking for a ne…
Joseph W. of Oklahoma City